VGA to RCA cable or VGA to RCA adapter or VGA to RCA connector. These are three of the most popular web searches to find a way to connect the video output of a pc, say a laptop, a notebook, a game system, a projector and so on, to a television, or a projector, or similar electronic devices. This connection is possible if your desktop or laptop computer has a TV out port with a VGA output signal which will feed a television having a RCA input. Even now that the digital flat screen TV has been diffused so wide, the problem to connect a pc to an old tv is still alive and interesting to be approached. In fact, you can use a very cheap TV as a pc monitor to play your favourite video games or you can use it to watch dvd films in their standard, original resolution, or to make a presentation in a huge large screen instead of the little screen which usually is built in laptops.

Whatever is the reason to connect an output VGA signal to a RCA input system, the first thing to do is to buy a VGA to RCA video adapter and even a digital coaxial cable or a 3.5mm jack to RCA adapter, if you need audio during the video connection. You can instead buy only one cable, usually quite cheap to find, which provides video and audio at the same time, a full adapter with 3 jacks for the video signal and 1 jack for the audio signal. When you have all the tools, you can connect the video adapter (and eventually the audio adapter) to both the devices and you have to select the TV output signal in you laptop or in you pc, generally speaking.

To connect the VGA to RCA adapter, the first thing you have to do is to connect it to the VGA port of the computer, or other source device for the video signal. After that, you have to connect the yellow RCA video cable to the television RCA port. At this point, you can go to the Windows desktop, if you use the Microsoft operating system, and click the right button of the mouse, then select "Properties" and then click on "Settings", which refer to the video settings, and enable the view on a second monitor. In fact, the pc should consider the television like it is another monitor connected to the computer. You can even use the pc monitor and the television at the same time, displaying data on both the screens, selecting the "clone" option in the video settings window. You can even select the "extended desktop" mode, if you like to drag & drop videos on the television.

If you want to listen to the audio coming from the tv instead of from the pc speakers, you can also connect an audio cable with a 3.5mm jack to the audio output port of the pc and the other side of the cable to the audio input ports of the television, made up of the two stereo audio channels, left channel and right channel, referred to with the white and the red colors.

Let consider that, for better resolutions, if the television is a high definition tv, with full HD support (1080p), instead of using RCA cables, one should consider other HD standard like DVI (Digital Video Interface), which provides digital video and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), which provides digital video and digital audio signals using only one cable. VGA to HDMI converter is the best choice if you have a HDTV, to watch top quality videos and to see very detailed text parts.

VGA to RCA adapters can be bought online very easily and for very cheap prices. The build quality of the adapters is important when you want the best performance from the video connection but let consider that prices for a good item are so low that spending too much time to find the best deal could be useless, even considering that saving a couple dollars could give you some doubts about the building quality of the cables and the jacks of the adapters. Money are little in these bad times but you really can find excellent VGA to RCA adapters for as low as $25, only a price of one pizza and one beer for you and your partner, with even the important difference that a well built adapter will last for life. So why buy a cheap adapter which gives fuzzy images or that can even damage your electronic devices which you connect with the cables, when you can do these connections safe and with top video quality?

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