VGA splitter

In some cases, it is necessary to replicate images which are provided by a computer and display them at the same time on multiple devices. If you're looking for a device which does just this, you're probably interested in a VGA splitter. The splitter has inside a booster for the signal, so the end result when you use them is an image of very good quality, making it look like all the output devices have a direct connection with the computer. Most of the splitters available are VGA splitters, but you can also find plenty of other types, including HDMI splitters, DVI splitters and S-Video splitters. The difference between all these devices is that they work with different types of signals.

A VGA splitter which works with a Cat5 cable will split the signal from one source of video and it will allow you to send that video to monitors which are located at very far distances. Since they are easy to use and quite flexible, VGA splitters over Cat5 cables are preferred by many. Another name for it is VGA Distribution Amplifier and it's capable of sending that signal to a maximum number of 16 display screens at the same time. Depending on the model, you can find some which have cascade features, so they can allow from 2 to 16 video splitters, with a maximum of 90 monitors receiving the images.

The VGA splitters will work with any type of computer which provides VGA video, from Mac's to SUN systems and personal computers. The splitters will work with all kinds of resolutions, including VGA, XGA, SXGA and UXGA. The maximum resolution which is supported is 1920x1440 with a 350MHz bandwidth. The protocols which can be used include DDC2B, DDC2 and DDC. The connectors which are used by them are the standard ones, 15 Pin HD. You can create a switch for a video matrix by doing a combo between a video switch and a video splitter. The result is that you can display multiple inputs on multiple outputs.

In most cases a splitter is used when you need to display video at high quality, with high bandwidth capacity, on multiple devices (screens). A video splitter works just by plugging it in, without having to do anything else, so you don't install any software or drivers on the computer in order to use it. The control of a splitter is done either by pushing its buttons or by using a remote RS232 interface.

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