VGA Matrix Switch

The VGA Matrix Switch is used to route video signal from many computers to many displays. The VGA signal emitted by one computer will be sent to multiple monitors and there is also the possibility to send multiple signals to just one display. There are many possibilities here. This is a combo between a switch and a VGA splitter, which splits signals and it also amplifies and boosts them, after which it sends them to a number of different devices. The size of the matrix switch can vary from a small 2x2, to a 4x4 or even to a 32x16. In some cases, the switches can be used in daisy chains or cascades, which give you even bigger configurations.

The two numbers tell you how many single inputs and how many single outputs are available on that VGA matrix switch. A 8X8 Matrix Switch can route video from a maximum of 8 different computers to a maximum of 8 monitors which use the VGA standard. You can connect any of those inputs to any monitor out of those 8, so there is a lot of flexibility available. You get images that are very clear and there is no difference between a VGA matrix switch and a normal connection in terms of quality of the video signal. The device supports Full HD resolutions and signal formats which includes UXGA, XGA, SVGA and VGA. The connectors for the output and input are female HD15 in both cases.

There are many advantages when you're using a device of this type, but the main one is the fact that you no longer have to plug and unplug VGA cables when you need to make a different video connection between a PC and a monitor. The entire process is done with the help of telnet controls, TCP/IP, RS232 or Infra Red remote controls.

An example of situation where a VGA matrix switch is useful is when you have a wall of monitors where you want to display information. You also have a number of computers and their operators in the room. Any of those operators can display images from their computer and graphics, to any of the monitors from the wall, or to all of them. Think of how useful it can be in certain situations, like a crisis cell that works together or any other kind of similar situation. The VGA matrix switch might not be something that everyone will need, but there are plenty of cases when it's required.

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