VGA capture

VGA is a video standard which is found in a lot of equipment, from the video cards one used in their computer to the equipment used by doctors in hospitals or mechanics in their diagnostics equipment. In education, science, medicine, engineering, there are many cases where the VGA standard is used. In many cases people will need to do VGA capture, in order to record images which appear on the screen. Depending on the needs of each user, some might need to be able to use the computer while images are recorded and the end result might be needed to be viewed remotely, to be edited and to be uploaded to a web site.

The video converter is a cheap device which can be considered as part of solutions of video capture. A converter of this type would connect a TV with a VGA output, allowing you to use a TV as a computer screen, since the video signal is sent to it.

Graphic Boards & Converters

If you're looking for the cheapest method of registering the video signal, you can go for a video card which comes with support for video capture. You will find video cards of this type available at all the big manufacturers. You can get units with external conversion to make the connection between a video equipment which is analog and a PC, allowing you to do video editing on it.

Frame Grabbers

When the VGA capture is needed for scientific or military purposes, in most cases you need registration done at increased quality and resolution. In cases like these you can use frame grabbers to help you. They are not cheap, but they do allow you to do VGA capture via USB, as they convert the video signal and make it digital. A number of DVI and VGA frame grabbers are sold these days and they come with disadvantages and advantages, so pick according to what you need. It will be harder to use a frame grabber than a graphic board, but they also offer more functions. You will find them both in external and internal variants.

The ones which are internal are basically PCI cards which you install in a computer. The grabber takes the video signal with the help of the VGA port and it offers the result either as images or videos. You will usually have specialized software available together with the grabber.

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