Importance of VGA and RCA

Nowadays VGA is a standard that considers a such low resolution of 640x480 pixels, that somebody could think that it could be useless to talk about it. In these times, full HD 1080p resolution seems to be the real king and VGA seems totally unuseful in this background. Who believes these things perhaps forgets a couple of important considerations.

The first thing to consider is that a lot of people still have old electronic devices which are just useful for them. Not everybody wants to change their computers or their pc monitors or their TVs and so on, even having the money to do it, and not everybody can change them, even considering the crisis times in which we are living. For this reason, the problem to use an adapter for VGA still exists, because this electronic items with a VGA input port still exists.

The second thing to consider is that VGA resolutions, like the 640x480 resolution, is nowadays used in mobile devices and similar devices, not old devices but new devices with modern technology. Let think to phones or similar products like Smartphones (BlackBerry), PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), Pocket PCs, eBook Readers and so on.

For all these reasons the problem to make a connection VGA to RCA with the right cables is an actual, very important problem and the RCA plug-ins, coloured in yellow, red and white, are still so popular and ready to connect various electronics.

In this background, the VGA HD-15 connector with its 15 pins, the most common type of VGA connector, is a must have for everyone who wants to be able to use some kind of electronics with the supported resolution of standard VGA or even higher, compatible resolutions, like SVGA, XGA and UXGA. Moreover, with a VGA to RCA component adapter, like a PC to HDTV converter, a full HD 1080p resolution of 1920x1080 pixels can be achieved.

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