What is VGA

VGA is a graphical standard introduced by IBM in 1987, used in the personal computers industry for their video hardware. PC monitors following the VGA standard have a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels and have 16-color and 256-color modes, with a refresh rate up to 70 Hz. The supported resolution for standard VGA is relatively low or high depending on the color modes considered. For 256-color mode, the maximum documented resolution is of 320x200 pixels, while for 16-color mode the resolutions, other than 320x200, can be 640x350 or 640x480.

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array, because it referred to a sigle electronic chip instead of the older discrete logic chips, so it was the equivalent of an array of chips, all in one electronic item.

The VGA connector, also referred to as VGA HD-15 connector, is made up of a blue trapezoid connector with 3 rows of 5 pins, for a total of 15 pins. Talking about VGA adapters, the VGA HD-15 connector is very important to consider because it is related even to HD displays and devices. The HD-15 is a High Density DB-style connector, with the same size of a DB9 connector, and it is the most common type of VGA connector used as a video interface with its 3 rows of 5 pins, with usually pin 9 missing in the middle row. This connector supports resolutions like SVGA, XGA, UXGA, wihich are higher resolutions than the standard VGA resolution.

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