VGA Extension Cable

The VGA extension cable transmits the video signals which go from a laptop or a PC to a projector or to monitors. People call them VGA video cables, monitor cables, VGA extensions and sometimes computer cable. This type of cable allows you to move your monitor at a bigger distance from your PC. The VGA extension cable is capable of sending quality video signal to 30 meters. If you need distances longer than that you should use the Cat5 cable or a video splitter extender, since over distances like those they will be the cheaper solution.

With an extension cable, the power of the signal will be high enough to allow you to display high resolution images at longer distances. As long as a system has VGA connectors, you can use a VGA extension cable on it. This applies to personal computers, SUN or MAC machines.

The cable is made from twisted and coaxial pair lines and they are quite capable of giving you the best quality videos and great performances as well. The coating on the connectors is made from aluminized Mylar foil or copper braiding. The connectors have pins which are gold plate and they do a job of noise suppression. As for the coating, that makes sure that there is not data loss.

The extension cable use a multicultural technology and they are certified and UL tested. The length in which they are available vary from 3 to 100 feet (1 to 30 meters) in most cases.

The cable will come both with connectors that are female to female and male to male. There are a total of 15 pins on it, split across 3 rows of 5 pins each. The devices which use these connectors include projectors, TVs, computer monitors, video cards and cameras. For the most part, their job is to transmit analog video signals.

If you need something longer than 100 feet, that's possible too, but you will pay a bit more and it might be cheaper to use another solution. Still, if you need a cable of 250 ft to send Full HD signal to a monitor, it's possible and the quality of the signal will be very good, despite the very long distance. As long as you make sure to check the kind of connectors you need at both ends, you should be good. A VGA extension cable is useful in all kinds of situations and as you saw above, it's easy to use.

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