VGA to RCA cable

The term VGA comes from Video Graphics Array. This term is being used when referring to a computer's video port, which makes the connection to a monitor possible. When you're looking to send the videos from your laptop to the TV, the signal is sent via a cable that does VGA to RCA conversion. The cable VGA to RCA allows you to use the Internet on a large TV screen or to watch a movie properly. While it's only a cable, it should still be a quality one if you want the best results and a good experience.

The cable connectors have a nickel coating finish. The cable comes in different configurations and its connectors can be female, male or they can be models with three male connectors. There are a few configurations that are popular out there.

One part of the cable has pins that go in the VGA output port, while the other part has a yellow jack which is the RCA part and it goes in the TV. The part that goes in the TV can be S-Video, with yellow, red and white ends.

Once you connect that cable, the PC should recognize a new screen, as the second monitor. There are a few options here, including using the TV as a second monitor, or simply creating a duplicate, showing the same thing on the TV as you do on the computer monitor. If you use it as the second monitor, you just need to drag and drop any windows or video screens you have opened.

The cable can also be used to connect a computer to a projector or any other kind of RGB display device, so it's not limited just to TVs.

These cables are available in stores, both online and offline, under different brands and at different prices. Don't buy one blindly. Make sure you know how the connectors look on your computer and on your TV and pick the right ones. A good idea can be to check the manual and see what kind of signal it can accept and what kind of connector can be used on it. If you're not sure after you look at the connectors, the best idea is to check the manual. Once you know the kind of connectors that are needed on both ends, check the length between the two and give yourself a few extra feet, for flexibility. Once you know these details, you can go and purchase the VGA to RCA cable.

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