Benefits of VGA splitters

VGA splitters are devices which can be used when you're looking to show the video signal from your computer to multiple VGA monitors (up to 16). One can also use more than one VGA splitter, so the image can be display on more than 90 devices. The VGA splitter has the advantage that the image which is displayed is very clear, without signal loss. That's thanks to the splitters ability to boost the power of the signal. The extension of the video signal can reach 300 meters when cables like Cat5, Cat6 or Cat5e are used. The used protocols are called DDC2B, DDC2 and DDC.

One of the devices that can be a splitter is a VGA distribution amplifier, a piece of hardware which will boost video signal. This device can be used to show off videos at high resolution on more than one display. Since the device's power is boosted, the video signal is greatly enhances and the pictures which are delivered to monitors are crystal clear.

You can find them in three different variants, depending on their form. They are wall mounted, rack mounted or portable. Depending on where you need to use the VGA splitter and how much you need to move it around, any of these can be a good choice. The system works simple enough, with the signal being amplified by the amplifier and the signal then splits, so multiple displays of high resolution can receive it at very good quality.

The number of ports available on each model will vary, from 2 to 18. They are often used in trade shows, stores and classrooms, whenever one has to display a single video feed to more than one monitor at the same time. They are very useful in such cases and the alternative would be to have a video source for each of the displays, which wouldn't be very efficient.

The process of using a VGA splitter is very easy and the technology involved here is also quite simple. Using them is a breeze and all you have to do is to plug a small box in a VGA port, after which you just connect all the monitors you need. That's all there is to it. You don't have to meet certain requirements and you don't have to install anything. Everything just works and you can start using it as soon as you install it.

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