VGA to S-Video Converter

The VGA out solutions available on most computers and laptops are for the most part not very compatible with the TV input methods available these days. If the TV lacks the necessary connectors to make it work, you should use a converter from VGA to S video signal.

The converter from VGA to S-Video is done by creating two signals from the RGB image, Luma and Chroma. The device will work just as a converter between VGA and component signal, which makes VGA signal viewable on a NTSC television.

When you're interested in doing conversion to the S Video standard, you should try a converter for that purpose. In most cases you can use Nvidia or ATI cards that are recently launched to send Full HD signal to the TV. If the TV is digital, it might have a decent S video port, in which case a S-Video cable should be tried.

Analogue TVs will lack the support for S-video in most cases, so you have a much better chance if your TV is digital.

In other cases, a converter from VGA to RCA will be a better choice. It all depends on the graphic card and the ports available on the computer and on the connection options which can be found on the TV.

A lot of people use this kind of converter to watch a movie on a bigger screen. It's a very nice option, especially when the quality of the signal is good. You can use this method to turn your TV into a cinema screen, to watch movies on, with some homemade popcorn. With the help of a converter of this type, you can save money on cinema tickets. Doing the conversion is not that hard, as long as you pick the right equipment from the store.


The S-video system is analog in nature and it uses two channels to transmit video information, which is encoded in them. It has the chrome and the luma channels. The S-video signal has normal video at regular definitions of 480i and 576i, without any audio. The connector which is most common is the mini-DIN and it has 4 pins. There are also variants with seven pins, or with two connectors.

The S-Video system is a bit of a compromise when it comes to convenience and quality, since it has two signals. The other options are with one and three signals, so this is the middle ground, which is neither here nor there.

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