VGA extender

If you're curious about VGA extenders and what they do, you will soon learn all you need about this type of device. To give you an idea of what a VGA extender can do, you should know that with the help of one of these devices you are able to transmit VGA video signal to a display which is at 950 ft away from your computer, by combining it with Cat5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 cables. Other names for a VGA extender is VGA baluns, signal booster or VGA booster. A VGA extender is capable of increasing the strength of the signal which comes out of a VGA port, after which it lets it pass towards the cable which will carry it further.

If you're going to a store to look for extenders, you should know that there are plenty of other types of video extenders. While you can find Component extenders, Composite extenders, HDMI extenders and DVI extenders, the one type which is still the most used is the VGA extender, which is discussed in this article.

The extender known as VGA over Cat 5 uses units which are both local and remote. The VGA part is the one which connects to the source of the video (usually a computer), while the Cat5 part is the one which connects to the display which is located at a longer distance from the source. The whole thing is designed so that the delivery of the signal is as quick as possible. By using a Cat5 cable, the digital display separation is ensured. Even though the distance covered by the signal is quite large, the quality of the images is sharp and crisp and the resolution can go to Full HD quality and more, up to 1900x1200. The end result is an image quality which is not compromised in any way. You can use these extenders to keep a computer in a location which is secure, while you broadcast video to screens which are available to the outside world or to your employees and customers.

You can combine a VGA extender with any video source or operating system, as long as the VGA connection is available. It will work on DVD players, computers, DVRs, VHS and the list can continue with many similar items. In some cases these extenders will also offer the possibility of audio. In some cases, these extenders are known to come with up to 8 ports.

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