VGA Capture Processing

The VGA standard has been included in every single video card released for personal computers for a long time now, even though today's video solutions have higher demands than what the VGA standard can deliver. You can find this standard in all kinds of fields, including education, science, medicine or engineering. A lot of users in these fields need to be able to capture images and this technology offers you that possibility. While recording images, they can also be sent to the web and they can be edited and viewed from a remote location. The images which are recorded should be digitized if needed, a requirement common for many users of this equipment.

When it comes to solution for video capture, video converters are considered the cheaper solution. A VGA converted will make the connection between the TV's video input and the VGA output. With this type of solution, you can watch the same video on a VGA monitor and on a TV.

If you want a cheaper solution to be able to capture video signals, you could go with a graphics card which also has support for video capture. There are models offered from every manufacturer out there, including ASUS, NVIDIA or ATI, among many others. This kind of solution will not always give you the quality you need, so it's not always appropriate, but it's there if your requirements are not too big.

In other cases, frame grabbers give you much better results. These come in external and internal variants and the resolutions and quality of the videos which are captured are considerably higher. They're not cheap though, but they do the job of taking the video signal and making it digital. Quite a few DVI and VGA frame grabbers are available for sale. Be careful though, they are not always very easy to use.

The frame grabbers available today vary quite a bit, from those which are designed to be as cheap as possible to those that are expensive, but have capabilities of pre-processing and plenty of flexibility. They are often offered with compatibility with older systems, including PCI, PCI-Express and PCI-X. These frame grabbers can accelerate the image manipulation with the help of compression, conversion of reformatting. Each frame grabber is different and you obviously need to pay more to get more options. If you want a basic model that will do the job without much fuss, you will find a cheap model, but for something that does everything, be prepared to pay quite a bit.

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