RCA cables

The RCA cables are the cables which are the oldest in the US and their name comes from Radio Corporation of America. It was the name of a company which produced them and they were the first cables of this type. Initially the RCA cables were created in order to connect phonographs and amplifiers and other similar electronics. In time, these cables appeared in houses and offices and because they are so common, a lot of people grew up with them. Some of the other names which are used for this type of cable is clinch connector or lotus plug.

The RCA cables can be quite useful, since they can carry the visual and audio signals at the same time. They are created to be flexible and supple. The plugs which you can use will differ between the visual and audio signals. While video cables come with three plugs, the audio cable comes with two, which are marked for left and right. One of the great things about RCA cables is that one can use them both for component and composite video signals. The cables come in different colors, so you're not confused on how to use them. Knowing which cable goes to which plug is easy when each cable is clearly marked by his color and all you have to do is look at them. An example would be the audio cables, which come in either red or black or in red and white. Each of the colors marks the audio signal for the right and the left sides of the equipment.

As we said already, this type of cable was created so that it can handle component video and composite video at the same time. The plug combination of the video signal which is composite will be a combination of red and white, plus a yellow plug which carries the audio. As for the component signal, you will get the colors green, red and blue. Each of the colors will mean a different type of video component that is carried. All you have to do is plug the right color to the right socket, which is usually marked with the same color. It's quite easy to match the socket with the plug which has the same color.

Knowing what type of RCA cable you need for the system in your house might be a bit problematic, but you usually get the cable together with the equipment, so it's not an issue for most people.

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