Program RCA remote codes

If you own a RCA universal remote and you're looking to use it to operate a certain electronic gadget, you will need RCA remote codes in order to make it work. Once the process is complete, you are able to control any device you want. With just one universal remote, you will be able to control TVs, VCRs and DVD players. The universal remote has certain pre-set programs and the remote codes are there to be found. The TV set program is TV-000, the VCR program is VCR-000 and there is also a cable box-000 pre-set in case you own a cable box. Auxiliary devices get their own pre-set program as well, called VCR-037.

Depending on the electronic device brand you own, you will need a different RCA remote code during the setup process. There are certain options available, which make your job of programming the RCA remote easier. One of them is a feature for code search, which is very useful when you have no idea what's the device's code.

The feature of code search should be used only after the device is turned on. The remote has a special button for code search and it should be pressed once the device is activated. Keep the button pressed after you push it. The next step is to let the button go and then to press the button on/off continuously, around once per second. Once the device is turned off, push the button marked enter. That should be all the setup required for the RCA remote.

The second feature you can use is called code list. Check the remote's manual and find the required code. To use it, activate the device, push on the button code search and type the number you found in the manual. That should be everything you need to know.

One other possibility to find the right RCA remote codes is to look for them online. The official RCA site has the list with all the remote codes, so if you lose your user manual or if the other method doesn't work, you can always check out their site and find what you need. If you're not sure which of the codes you need, you can get in touch with the satellite, video or cable company and they can help you further. In many cases, TV operators will have websites and this kind of information is uploaded there.

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